November 2001: Things are happening fast now. The chassis work is complete and everything else is back in place. We plan to make the first few passes in late November. We are holding off on paint until the engine and chassis are sorted out.

December 2001: We made our first trip to the track.  The car ran 11.40 at 120 mph on the fourth pass.  We experienced no problems with anything other than the carburetor.  We had plans to go to a 950 CFM carburetor.

January 2002: Installed Holley 950 HP.  The car produced 10.94 at 125 mph on the third pass.  We have started tuning the clutch and data logging passes.  We will be trying to see how deep into the tens the car will go.

429engine.jpg (122864 bytes)

February 2002:  We went back to the track to tune the chassis.  We lowered the back of the car and adjusted the ladder bars accordingly.  60' time dipped to 1.59 and the car went 10.79 @ 124 mph.

March 2002:  We decided to go ahead and mini tub the Falcon before it goes in for the paint work. The rear quarters also needed to be opened up for better tire clearance.

April 2002: Body work and paint is in progress now. We should have the car done and running again by the end of April. We have the first race of the year scheduled for Fun Ford Weekend in Houston, Texas on May 4th and 5th.

August 2002: Our new custom cowl hood is finished and installed. We had to go through the entire clutch system and make a few changes. Everything is working the way it should now. We changed the headers to FPA's new mid length header with 3" ball type collector and added a 3" Dr. Gas crossover. While the engine was out we made a set of solid mounts that fit in place of the rubber insulator and added a Mustang II throttle cable. We will be ready for Fun Ford Weekend in Dallas, Texas, on September 20-22.


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