Installing a 4 speed toploader in your 1979 to 1993 Mustang or Capri can be done by using a McLeod bellhousing. You can use your stock clutch cable, throwout bearing, clutch fork, clutch and flywheel. You must change the pilot bearing to a bronze bushing. We have all the parts needed for this conversion.

The best Toploaders for this application are:

  • 1966 & newer Fairlane, Comet
  • 1966-67 Falcon
  • 1965-73 Mustang
  • 1967-73 Cougar

These are all 24" length, 28 spline output shaft, 1-1/16" diameter input shaft, 8 hole case transmissions.

When searching for one of these transmissions, be sure to look for a wide ratio unit.  See Torque Specs and Gear Ratios for information regarding how to determine ratio.

For a shifter we recommend the Hurst Competition Plus. This shifter only requires one modification to the handle for this application. The curved part of the handle has to be removed and the handle re-welded. The weld on the handle ends up under the shifter boot. The shifter will not interfere with the stock floor board, shifter boot, carpet, or console. This sounds complicated, but it is very simple and results in a very clean conversion.

When this conversion is complete, you will have a much more durable and longer lasting transmission that will look like the factory installed it.



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